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What is the Ristoo Method

A method that concretely deals with how to improve the working climate by increasing the quality of your performance and that of all the staff. The Ristoo Method is a concrete and effective course because it is tested directly in our restaurant.

Our intuition concerns the approach.
We understood that we need to change our approach and see the restaurant with different eyes. We must not see the restaurant as an entity that produces income, but as a team of people who produce “wealth”, including economic ones.

The Ristoo Method is a course for restaurateurs written by a restaurateur and tested in reality directly in our restaurant. This is why the course is full of concrete examples taken from everyday working life.
As an operator I know that a lot of skills are needed to make a restaurant work: from cooking, to marketing, to accounting, but we believe that first of all we have to “tidy up the house”.

We need to bring back the untapped potential. We must go back to re-evaluating ourselves, our staff and our skills, learning to communicate, to formulate concrete and achievable objectives, managing to create a climate of trust and collaboration.

In the Method we have adapted to the specific context of the restaurant, techniques of personal and professional growth, apparently far from the world of catering, but which if used correctly generate an important increase in the quality of the working environment with consequent improvement in the performance of the whole company, from daily work in the dining room and kitchen, internal management processes, reputation, receipts. A general increase in business value!

Why choose Ristoo

On the web we are full of training courses in the food sector. There are those who deal more with numbers and therefore with business costs, those who focus on marketing and how to find new customers, those who deal with how to sell more to customers who have already been conquered.

These are all valid arguments that we do not want to devalue in any way. We argue that before dealing with how to fill the place, how to calculate the food cost, how to create your own menu or website, you need to “tidy up your own home” and make your own concrete concepts and techniques for the development of skills. personal and professional.

To do this, you will not have to make financial investments, but study and apply the concepts of the Method to get the changes you want right away !!

ose of happiness … and why not, with the drawer full 😊

Happiness is the foundation of success!

IThe course includes two training steps: first we will deal with how to change our approach to create a positive and productive working climate and then, in the second course, we will study the useful tools to form a true cohesive and motivated team towards a single common goal!

The first course is aimed at growing your emotional skills.
With this course you will be able to create a new communication grammar between you and your staff as well as improve the level of cohesion of the group. A necessary course to create the foundations for a new and more productive working climate!

  • The second course is intended to bring out the coach’s skills in you, making you a real “coach” of your staff, developing and improving the group’s relationship and motivation skills. With this course you will finally put an end to the constant misunderstandings and pointless endless discussions, because they will all be motivated and directed towards a single goal.

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