Training Courses

From the outset of my career, I realized that communication skills would have played a vital role in both my work and in my life. I spent a great deal of time feeling like I was out in the rain without an umbrella (as we say in Italy) until one day, when I was just trying to get by while “sopping wet,” a chance encounter led me to undertake a course of study which was to fundamentally change my approach to living along with my self-perception.

In 2008 I enrolled, with great curiosity, in the Italian school of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) founded by Gianni Fortunato, one of the technique’s founding fathers. The training course took 4 years, between “school” and advanced, specialization courses. The thing that caught my attention from the start was how evident it was that Gianni Fortunato’s method was based on personal evolution rather than mere marketing lures aimed at making a sale or manipulating opinions. I became so passionate about it that I decided to dedicate myself to teaching others these invaluable concepts, once I had finished my studies. This dream came true when I decided to develop a new course of study designed to create a synergy between my years of experience in the hospitality industry and my newly-acquired knowledge dealing with personal growth, excellence-forming and handling emotions. I wrote my first training course, entitled “table service, as you’ve never thought” and made it available to the Eburt company of the Emilia Romagna Region and to the company Sinergie, who chose to use it for several training courses, both private and regional, aimed at people working in the tourist industry. The results were excellent and the course is still in high demand today. I am currently developing another course which will also be related to the world of communication as it applies to tourism services.

At the moment I am deeply committed to providing training for the people working in the establishments that bear the name of my brand and to creating a school abroad aimed at training personnel specifically for the restaurant business.

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