Gessetto Brand

Gessetto is a brand name created and registered by Gaetano Lanza in 2011.

The brand is based around a new way of conceiving the hospitality industry, in particular with regards to the relationship between restauranteurs and their customers. The brand was formed to respond to the need to establish a new “position” in this relationship, born from effective communication.

The philosophy of the brand, which makes Gessetto’s style immediately recognizable, is perfectly summed up by the famous phrase by C. Castaneda:

“Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path […] All paths are the same: they led nowhere. … Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn’t, it is of no use.”

Anyone who puts on a Gessetto tee-shirt has chosen to follow the spirit of this lifestyle and work ethic. We shouldn’t have to live in duality, with our work life in complete dissonance with our personal life: it’s better if we can apply our “true self” to everything we undertake in life, including our jobs!

We began by easily substituting some words (as well as their content) to teach ourselves that how you look at something, changes the thing itself. This was our starting point!

We substituted these words (and many others) :

customer needs” with “customers’ wishes

professional personnel” with “competent personnel

polite employees” with “happy employees

staff” with “unified goal-oriented team

work hours” with “commitment

pay package” with “fair pay

problems” with “momentary lack of solutions

good intake” with “goal achieved

victory” with “stronger together

We’re not philosophers; we aren’t dogmatic; we’re not crazy. I would say, instead, that we have chosen to “use our hearts more than our hands” 🙂 .

Currently, the Gessetto brand is visible in 2 Bologna locations:

GESSETTO RESTAURANT, our newest addition (in piazza San Martino):

a newly renovated restaurant dedicated to Italian cuisine. We serve freshly-made pasta dishes made according to traditional Bolognese recipes, as well as typical regional dishes from other parts of Italy. At the restaurant’s helm is one of the sector’s leading experts, my good friend Danilo Verone.

GESSETTO WINE BAR (in via Oberdan) the brand first appeared here:

not just a bar, Gessetto is open from breakfast time straight through to after-dinner cocktails, without by-passing a warm and friendly Happy Hour (aperitivo). The bar is currently managed by Paolo Morabito, a young captain, obviously with a big heart.

Gaetano Lanza is working to open new Gessetto establishments 🙂


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