I was born in 1975. I came to Bologna from the Italian region Molise in 1994 to study Physics at that city’s university. With just five courses left to finish my undergraduate degree, the passion for organization and the entertainment business had the best of me and I embarked on my entrepreneurial career, leaving behind academics.

My business career began in 1998 along with the opening of the historical club Osteria il Marsalino (in via Marsala, Bologna). For the next twelve years I created an unusual place that to this day is synonomous with conviviality and hospitality. The fact that “Marsalino” was different than other clubs was particularly evident when a small crowd of entertainers  began to hang out there on a regular basis: members of the After Hours  and Massimo Volume bands, Samuele Bersani and Cesare Cremonini (when Luna Pop was all the rage), the comedians Natalino Balasso and Ficarra e Picone and many others who were more or less famous. It was the cabaret scene that chose Marsalino as its hangout. While the space was not ideal at all for stand-up comedy, our club became the stage for the longest running cabaret series in Bologna: “I Giovedì del Marsalino” (Thursdays at Marsalino).

Currently, Marsalino is one of the most appreciated historical locales in the city.

While still managing the Osteria Marsalino, in 2005 I decided to delve further into the entertainment business  and I opened a new event organizing agency under my own registered trademark, AGENZIA TRACCIA.

With this new agency, I began collaborating with public organizations and private companies, organizing various events, some examples:

UNITALSI for CHILDREN in Piazza del Popolo a Roma with the Sonics’ aerial show  –  ZELIG LAB in Bologna, a television laboratory managed and conducted by myself for eight years  –  The MILLE MIGLIA race, the part that went through the city of Ferrara  – THE INTERNATIONAL BUSKERS FESTIVAL in the city of Pescara  THE BOLOGNETTI CLUB, cultural and musical activities beneath the stars in the city of Bologna  –  the international festival of short films: Festival of the Tres Courts with the Cineteca of Bologna – CORPORATE CONVENTIONS for brands like Foxy, Unicredit, Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena, Sangeminiano, Tecnocasa and others.

These experiences were formative for my professional growth, and they provided knowledge about the entertainment business and organization as well as the priceless opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful and talented individuals!

I soon realized something was missing in my preparation as a business professional and owner, so in 2009 I began a course that would radically change my approach to business and especially my approach to life in general. I enrolled in an NLP course (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at the Istituto Italiano di PNL (Italian Institute of NLP) founded and run by Gianni Fortunato, one of the fathers of this discipline. The thing that caught my attention from the start was how evident it was that Gianni Fortunato’s method was based on personal evolution rather than mere marketing lures aimed at making a sale or manipulating opinions.  I was completely immersed in these studies until I completed the course in 2013 with the title of Master. I began to enthusiastically look for a way to teach others what I had learned, providing the tools to change their self-vision and that of the world around them.

In 2013 I began to put together a new study program that included a dynamic balance of everything I had learned about the restaurant business, organization and of course NLP. That is how the course “table service, as you’ve never thought ” came into being and was applied in small, medium and large companies and was used in public administration in courses managed by AGSG for the Emilia Romagna Regional government and was adopted by many other private training organizations.

In 2011 (after having sold Osteria Marsalino) my dream of combining my new knowledge of NLP and the restaurant and entertainment businesses, I created a new brand “GESSETTO- find your spirit ” and opened a first store in Via Oberdan in Bologna: the GESSETTO Wine Bar.

After testing out the effectiveness of the “Gessetto method”, in 2015 I decided to open another business that was more focused as a restaurant. So in March of 2015 I founded the Gessetto Ristorante in piazza San Martino, Bologna.

Today – in perfect state of my mind 🙂 – I have decided to export the brand and the method.  I am currently looking for a new location for the next “Gessetto” – and this time I intend to incorporate the education of the “Gessetto method” in the business, as in a proper school.

To this day I continue training in my own company and in others that are connected to my brand, perfecting the method and growing professionally.

If you seek me, find me around among Kenya, Cabo Verde and Tenerife.


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